About Me

Joanna Jenkinson, Designer

Welcome to Bags by Jo

My name is Joanna Jenkinson and I live in Arlington, Texas. I’ve lived in Texas for about 20 years now, and I have developed a love for the rustic but elegant style of the Dallas/Fort Worth area that radiates a blend of town and country traditions.

With this blend of culture as my background, I value simplicity, beauty and durability. I also love the look of a well-made bag and I believe that the marks of quality craftsmanship are a vital part of any leather bag or accessory.

When I design the leather items that I make, I strive to preserve the simplicity and raw authenticity of the leather itself. I don’t use anything other than genuine leather in my products, and I allow the inside surfaces and stitching on the products to be visible. The intricate rows of stitching and the beautiful natural underside of the leather add character and compliment the¬†aesthetic of the leather goods.

The making of each unique bag requires hours of handmade craft work with carefully curated leather and finely stitched threads. Because the craft highlights the natural characteristics of the leather, no two products are exactly alike. The natural variations in the leather ensure that your bag or accessory will be one of a kind.