Gone to Market

chevron table cloth with custom orders sign

I had a GREAT time this weekend being involved first on Saturday afternoon in the Arts Market on Magnolia and then the next day at Open Streets, an event sponsored by the city of Fort Worth.

I got a lot support for these two market experiences from my husband and partner in crime, Joe and my awesome and supportive friend Meg (THANK YOU!!). Selling at these types of venues is so much more fun when you have friends to get excited with you about sales, help you get food and coffee and of course give you bathroom breaks.

Selling my leather goods at the Arts Market
Selling my leather goods!

The first day at the Arts Market on Magnolia was awesome. I got tons of support from friends dropping by and I got to get my feet wet in selling my products. This was my first market experience, so it was a thrill!

arts market on magnolia table with products
My table setup for the fair

While we were at the Arts Market on Saturday, we heard about Open Streets happening the next day and after a little contemplation, we decided to just go for it. The weather had been super windy and was going to be windy the next day also so we made a pit stop at Lowe’s that night to get some sandbags to keep my canopy from blowing away!

The next day we set up once again on the pavement of Magnolia Avenue and got ready to meet the crowds. It was an amazing day. We were set up next to some ashiatsu massage therapists on our left and our fellow Arts Market vendors on our right. Across the street, a live musician played relaxing music at the restaurant facing us and a vintage booth next to it sold jewelry and clothes. The streets were lined with all kinds of interesting booths, activities for kids and food vendors. It was a great atmosphere!

Open Streets Photo of Photographer
Getting my picture taken by the event photographer!

The best part of the day however was the steady stream of visitors coming to check out my booth. I got all kinds of people, all appreciative of the artistry of my work asking me great questions and giving me ideas about what kinds of products people would like.

Bags by Jo we take credit cards sign

Overall it was an exciting and inspiring weekend. I loved getting out there to meet customers face to face and hearing from them feedback about my products. It was a complete success in my opinion and I can’t wait to follow up on some of the ideas and custom requests I received.

I’m looking forward to my next market experience!



Joanna Jenkinson