Bags by Jo for Men: Crossing Over

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I’ve been branching out in a few different ways recently, one of which has been to produce men’s leather goods. Inspired by conversations with my husband Joe about the perfect wallet, I began crafting a simple bi-fold leather wallet.

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 From our conversation, I learned that since most men carry a wallet in the back pocket, its better to keep less items in your wallet in order to keep the bulging down. Plus, none of us wants to end up with a wallet full of extras that fit (barely), but don’t really have any purpose in being carried around.

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The basic idea is that the less little pockets and nooks you have to stuff things in, the less clutter you end up with in your wallet. With this concept of simplicity in mind, I chose to create my first handmade men’s wallet with just a back pocket for cash and the occasional important slip of paper (checks, phone numbers, receipts), as well as two card carrier pockets on the front. The two pockets have semi-circle cutouts to make it easy to access cards.

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And of course, it is a lovely shiny dark brown with dark brown waxed linen stitching. Simplicity and beauty. What more can you ask for, right?

I’m looking forward to making more simple yet useful wallets, and also delving into card carriers.

In other news, I recently went to check out the arts market at Magnolia and Fairmount in Fort Worth, TX as an option for me to sell my leather goods. Its a small arts market that is open from 10-4 every Saturday. Its in a great part of Fort Worth that is home to Avoca Coffee, Cat City Grill (Joe and I went there and it was amazing) and Spiral Diner, a vegan place that I’ve heard a lot of great things about.

I went last Saturday and I liked the feel of it a lot. I’m excited to try out an arts market, because it would be a great way to get my products out there, and it would be a lot of fun!  Now its just up to me to acquire a few things to set up a booth, and get over there to sell my bags!

I’m brainstorming and keeping an eye out for reclaimed wood boxes and other decorative items so I can have a great booth. The essentials are a table, a table cloth, a few baskets or boxes to hold small items, maybe a mat, and when I get to the point where I want to be fancy and spend the money, a pop up canopy. Let me know if any of y’all have ideas for a cute set up.

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