It’s Wonderful to Make Something With Your Own Hands

I have always found great satisfaction in creating and producing pieces of art. In the past I have painted, drawn, watercolored, and created handmade stationary, but as of this past year, I have made a transition to producing items made with leather. Beginning in January I started making leather purses, clutches and tote bags using just leather, a needle and thread and my own two hands.

I select the leather from nearby Tandy Leather Factory, design and make a pattern for the item, cut the leather, finish the leather, punch holes, sew all of the pieces together, and finish the edges for a clean look. It is very time consuming to create handmade leather items, but I have found it to also be extremely rewarding!

For a bit of background, I began this new hobby with a D.I.Y. make your own leather bag project. I told myself that I would pick one “do it yourself” project and once committed, would do WHATEVER it took to complete it. I didn’t want to start something and then abort due to the intimidation of materials prices or sheer time commitment. Once I had finished this project, I was very pleasantly surprised at the wonderful feeling of accomplishment I had when I looked at my completed product. After that experience, I wanted to create a purse again and began to delve more and more into leather working and purse making. This interest soon turned into a hobby and I realized that I should begin to sell the products I was making to bring the unique handmade bags I had been producing into the hands of other people who could enjoy and get good use out of them.

All of this to say that I am now opening an online shop from which people can purchase the bags I have made! I have built up a small product line and I am looking forward to exploring more patterns and ideas. Part of the fun for me has been hearing from friends and family new ideas and suggestions for my bags. This has been an exciting and rewarding adventure as I have already learned many new things.

Thanks for joining me in my new endeavor and I look forward to hearing from you any comments or suggestions you have!


Joanna Jenkinson